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The Difference Between LSAW And ERW Steel Pipe

Edit:Ausin Pipeline Material & Equipment Co.,Ltd   Date:May 22, 2016

1.High-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe(ERW) has simple production process, and the production specifications are single,1Inch,1.2Inch,1.5Inch,2Inch,2.5Inch,3Inch,3.5Inch,4Inch,5Inch,8Inch,10Inch,12Inches.
Double Straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipe surface (LSAW) has complete production specifications, which could be made in various sizes according to steel plates,from 12Inch to 48Inch,the sizes can be arbitrarily selected.
For example,12 Inch pipe can also be made by a high-frequency welding and LSAW steel pipe, since it is small diameter,we usually do not made it into LSAW pipe.

2.LSAW straight seam steel production process was formed by JCOE Molding process, formingprocess is complex, forming efficiency is lower than that of ERW forming process.
For low-frequency welded pipe, so the manufacturing cost is higher than the high-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe.

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