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1. SAWL the longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe production line 

Diameter 400-1422mm, thickness 8mm to 40mm
JCOE unit, cold expanding, heat treatment device
Annual production capacity 100000 tons for one production line
SAWL pipe is used widely in onshore and offshore conveyance of gas, oil, water, coal slurry, and also used for construction, bridge, tower, power engineering, chemicals, ocean platform etc.

2. HFW/ERW Production line

High frequency longitudinal resistance welded pipe, diameter from 60mm to 660mm

Annual production capacity 100000 tons for one production line

3. SMLS pipe production line

Hot rollingΦ100mm,Φ180mm seamless steel pipe perforation lines, heating furnace, continuous annealing furnace, 100KN-1500KN chain style cold drawn machine, straight machine, beveled ends machine.

4.SAWH steel pipe 

Eight double submerged-arc welded pipe production line for diameter 219mm to 3500mm,the thickness 6mm reach to 28mm,with annual production capacity 400000 tons.

5. Steel pipe Coating

Our company has three production line of 3LPE, 3LPP, FBE and one production line of internal epoxy coatings. Diameter from 89mm to 1820mm, thickness from 6mm to 20mm, with annual production capacity 40000tons used for oil pipeline, natural gas pipelines, heating pipe, water pipe etc.

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